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Richard Hawkins

A little about me and a brief history of how I started.

With over 38 years of exceptional customer service, a wealth of knowledge in homes and construction, and a well-rounded background in both professional business as well as from our personal experiences. We pride ourselves on utilizing modern technology such as 3D home tours to provide immersive experiences for potential buyers. Our analytical mindset and attention to detail ensure smooth transactions, while our commitment to open communication makes us an open book to our clients. We go the extra mile by partnering with the best mortgage lenders, top-notch home inspectors, and credit repair options, ensuring our clients have access to a comprehensive network of trusted professionals. As a small and nimble team, we have the agility to offer the latest technology options and adapt to meet changing needs. Moreover, we have a new love it or list option that provides a unique incentive for our clients. Certified for diversity and inclusion, we continually strive to master negotiation skills and create a welcoming environment for all. By listening attentively and utilizing cutting-edge tools, we deliver exceptional presentations, capturing stunning pictures, utilizing video, and 3D options to showcase properties. We pride ourselves on partnering with the best lenders and staying at the forefront of technology to provide our clients with the best possible service. My journey in real estate began with a passion for homes, construction, and a genuine desire to help others find their perfect place. With a background in sales and a keen interest in the housing market, I decided to pursue a career in real estate. I embarked on this path by immersing myself in comprehensive training programs, learning from seasoned professionals, and honing my skills to navigate the intricacies of the industry. As I gained experience, I quickly realized the profound impact I could make on people's lives by guiding them through the process of buying or selling a home. This realization fueled my determination to provide exceptional customer service, tailored solutions, and an unwavering commitment to my clients' needs. Now, with years of experience under my belt, I take great pride in helping individuals and families achieve their real estate goals, making their dreams of homeownership a reality.

Services That I Provide

Transform your property journey with personalized service; whether buying or selling, our in-depth local knowledge and negotiation expertise ensure seamless transactions.

Sale Property

Experience a hassle-free sale with my expert guidance, providing personalized service and professional insights to sell your property swiftly and successfully.

Buy Property

Find your dream property with my expert assistance, offering a personalized approach to navigate the market and secure the perfect home for you


Navigate the mortgage process with ease, as I provide expert guidance to help you secure the best financing options for your property purchase.

"I don't just find great deals, I create them."

Why Choose Me


Stay ahead in the real estate market with my innovative approach, utilizing the latest technologies and strategies to deliver exceptional results for your property needs.


Build a relationship based on trust with me, where honesty and transparency are paramount, ensuring your real estate decisions are made with confidence and peace of mind.


Leverage my extensive experience to navigate the complexities of real estate, offering you expert guidance and insights for a successful and satisfying transaction.


Enjoy a customized real estate experience with me, where your unique needs and preferences are at the forefront, ensuring a journey that's as unique as you are.


Benefit from my efficient and proactive approach, ensuring your time is valued and your real estate goals are achieved swiftly and effectively.


Receive continuous support and advice from me, your dedicated real estate professional, guiding you through every step of your property journey with care and expertise.